DPA offers a range of training programs to provide multi-level skill development to corporates where your team can leverage Big Data to accurately gauge demand, spot opportunities, rationalize inventory, and push balanced decision making. These programs combine the rigor of theoretical frameworks and the nuances of real world decision making, creating competitive advantage for you.

DPA offers these programs as:

  • Bespoke Programs – two or four days of intensive program for your team, delivered at your premises. This is best suited for firms who want a tailor made program, suitable for a specific industry.
  • Open Programs – DPA periodically conducts open programs where you can nominate your team members. Open Programs work well for lean teams or for individuals who wish to upgrade their skills.
  • Certification – For firms and individuals who wish to upgrade their skills in demand planning, forecasting, S&OP and IBP, DPA offers two certifications – Certified Demand Planning & Forecasting Professional and Certifiied IBP leader.

Two day Masterclass in Demand Planning & Forecasting

Continuous improvement in demand planning and forecasting is a must for companies using supply chain as a source of competitive advantage.This two day master class will look at why some firms do better than others in terms of demand planning and forecasting. What are the basic tenets that are missing? What is required to make demand planning exercise successful?

Key Takeaways

  • How to develop an effective and realistic baseline forecast that drives better planning
  • What is the right forecasting model for your supply chain?
  • How do we deal with different kind of uncertainty while demand planning and forecasting.
  • How to minimize politically motivated biases and reduce the bullwhips in supply chain.

Two day program in Sales & Operations Planning

The success of Demand Planning and Forecasting depends on its seamless integration with the Sales & Operations Planning function. The gap between the forecast and the S&OP creates friction within organizations. Two factors are necessary to integrate these functions – one a continuous improvement in demand planning and two, its alignment with S&OP. This one day master class will introduce you to the concepts of S&OP, the process of S&OP and promote enterprise alignment and accountability through transparency and impact analysis.

Key takeaways

  • Understand the most valuable outputs and results of S&OP
  • Balancing Demand and Supply – Managing the “gap” between the current plan and the annual operating plan
  • Develop agenda and conduct S&OP meetings
  • Create a successful S&OP process output that would drive marketing, sales, and operations

Advanced Masterclass in Demand Planning & Forecasting

As firms move up the forecasting value chain, they will need to master the emerging paradigms in demand planning and forecasting. This two day advanced program in demand planning and forecasting will cover advanced concepts in time series and econometric modeling, apart from exploring a few emerging tools in cognitive demand forecasting.

Key Takeaways

  • Developing advanced time series and econometric models
  • Managing Forecast Risks
  • Forecast Performance management
  • Emerging trends in demand forecasting

Two Day Workshop on Basic Data Sciences for Analytics Professionals

Demand Planning and forecasting is arguably a data intensive, quantitative field. This requires a high degree of understanding of statistical and econometric modelling. This two day program focuses on building a strong conceptual underpinning of the mathematical techniques and models used in forecasting. The pedagogy is practical hands-on model.

Key Takeaways

  • Conceptual clarity on the statistical and econometric concepts
  • Ability to develop simple models in excel
  • Match models to the data available
  • Learn to tweak models based on business constraints

One Day Workshop on New Product Forecasting

New product forecasting is a challenge. For a large part, firms rely on judgment to estimate the demand for a new product. There is a huge amount of uncertainty on the latent demand in the market for the product. Lack of historical data is just one small aspect. As newer models and techniques evolve, firms have a better chance at forecasting for new product. This one day workshop will bring together the advances in new product forecasting and help you better estimate the latent demand for a new product.

Key takeaways

  • Understanding new product forecasting structure
  • Developing judgmental models in New product forecasting
  • Understanding emerging models and techniques in NPD
  • Combining Judgement with quantitative models
  • Managerial Considerations in NPD

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