Most well-run FMCG companies struggle with unpredictable demand fluctuations and poor forecast accuracy. Their Planning, Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Distribution teams are constantly engaged in firefighting to meet their distributor orders on an ongoing basis. The current system of supply planning and execution achieves customer service levels of 85-92%, thereby losing out on 8-15% of unfulfilled distributor orders. Tapping even half of this potential opportunity would accelerate their revenues by 4-7% and profits by a multiple of that.


The Master Class on Supply-Demand Synchronization will help the participants fine tune their supply planning and execution processes for a step jump in the customer service levels, coupled with lower inventory levels and improved profitability.


The Master Class is aimed at senior supply chain professionals who have the responsibility to run the supply chains for their organizations.

  • CEOs, CFOs, CPOs, CMOs, COOs, and Directors,
  • Chief Supply Chain Officers,
  • Head of Demand Planning,
  • Head of Supply Planning
  • SVPs and VPs of Supply Chain/Logistics/Planning/Marketing/Finance


If you find yourself in the following situations:

  1. Struggle to fulfill customer orders in time due to stockouts, leading to loss of sales and underachievement of sales targets
  2. Mismatch of inventory at selling locations… too much inventory at one location and shortage of the same SKU at other locations
  3. Conflict between goals of higher customer service and lower inventory… difficult to achieve both objectives simultaneously, resort to trade-off
  4. Witness bull whip effect in demand during periods of inventory shortage and sales promotions
  5. Tug-of-war situation between Planning, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales teams, leading to frequent expediting and change in plans


  • The session will focus on reading the consumer demand signals on a continuous basis and using them to plan all the supply actions, viz. sourcing, manufacturing and distribution in a dynamic manner.
  • It will also cover how the essential elements of Agile Supply Chain Systems, viz. uninterrupted flow of value to consumers, flexibility in all legs of the supply chain, and faster response time can be incorporated in the day-to-day working.
  • The participants will be exposed to the relevant concepts in Theory of Constraints (TOC), Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP), Agility, Lean and Flow principles, which help in designing and running an agile supply chain. Best practices and use of technology in these areas will be discussed.
  • The final session will cover the Change Management process to implement the improvements in their respective companies. We’ll also cover the Process of Ongoing Improvement to be put in place for improving their performance on a continuous basis.


The fee for the Masterclass is ₹40,000/- Plus 18% GST


Dr. Rakesh Sinha is the Founder & CEO at Reflexive Supply Chain Solutions. Dr. Sinha has worked with Godrej Consumer Products for almost four decades with leading roles in Manufacturing, Projects, Supply Chain, Strategy, IT and Marketing. His experience spans across several countries including India, US, Indonesia, Africa, Argentina and Chile. He was the global head of Supply Chain, Manufacturing and IT before his superannuation. His main area of expertise lies in designing agile supply chains to match product supply with consumer demand on a dynamic basis. Dr. Sinha has deep domain expertise and implementation insights on Theory of Constraints and Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning. He has led seminal efforts to eliminate the inefficiencies of poor forecasting leading to higher customer service levels, coupled with improved product freshness and lower working capital. Dr. Sinha is a member of the Academic Council and a mentor of ISCM.


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