Certified Integrated Business Planning Leader (CIBPL)

The Demand Planning Academy of the Institute of Supply Chain Management has designed a certificate program in Integrated Business Planning.

Integrated Business Planning is the transition of Sales and Operations Planning into a fully integrated business management, strategy, and financial planning process. IBP ensures supply chain partners have confidence in the numbers and align them with organization’s strategy. All functions -sales and marketing, sourcing, manufacturing, finance, HR, and distribution feel the impact of the demand plan. IBP ensures the firm looks at the long term strategy while meeting short term objectives. IBP is a must for companies using supply chain as a source of competitive advantage

The CIBPL provides an overview of the Integrated Business Planning process. It shows how to align your planning processes with the business strategy over a longer horizon, integrating full product portfolio management, HR and financial management, to ensure the organization is working to a single set of numbers. CIBPL will help participants identify likely gaps in business performance in the future for the business to re-optimize.

Learning Objectives

The CIBPL will differentiate you from your peers and provide you the ability to navigate through both the technical and analytical aspects of the profession. With CIBPL, you will:

  • Role of IBP in an organization
  • The importance of the IBP, its inputs, and how to tackle the real issues in the company
  • How to plan and optimize operations in changing business environment
  • How to use historical performance as the realistic basis for forward projections
  • How to integrate operational and financial factors into a demand plan
  • Understand Management Review as a process
  • How to transition to a robust IBP process

Who Should Attend

This program for senior managers will look at building a vibrant IBP process in the organization and identify the basic tenets that need to be in place.

v Senior executives and all members of the leadership team involved in IBP v managers implementingor improving process v CMOv CSCOv Demand Planning Professionalsv CFOv COOv Head of Sales v Product Managersv Marketing Managersv Business Development Professionals v Business Managers v Corporate Plannersv Market ResearchersvAnalytics Professionals will find this masterclass very useful.


Certificate Requirements

To obtain the CIBPL certification you should either:

  • Successfully completeaTwo-day workshop on Integrated Business Planning currently offered as an in-person workshop in various locations, and clear the exam at the end of the session.
  • Successful complete on-line modules. You will have to submit all assignments on time and complete all readings to be eligible for the certificate.

Program Structure

The CIBPL course covers the following core modules:

  • Introduction to Integrated Business Planning
  • The basic framework
  • The main building blocks for creating an effective IBP solution
  • Reviewing the Product
  • Managing Demand
  • Supply Planning
  • Financial Review and Planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Management Review
  • Integrated Reconciliation& Optimization

Course Material

ISCM will provide comprehensive reading material for each module. In addition, for distance education candidates, ISCM will offer e-mail and skype based mentoring.


Graduates with three years’ work experience in Demand Planning and forecasting.

Evaluation and Certification

DPA follows a continuous assessment process which includes MCQ, case analysis, assignments and numerical problems. These reflect the realities of the business environment. Candidates have to complete the case analysis, assignments, and worksheets and send it to DPA as a part of their evaluation.

Fee Structure:

CIBPL has a layered fee structure:

Enrollment and study Material Fee – INR 30,000/-*

Exam Fee – INR 20,000/-*

Two day Workshop – INR 40,000/-*

*The above fee does not include GST. GST of 18% will be applicable on the above fees.

ISCM can offer CIBPL as an In-House program for organizations who wish to develop their demand planning and forecasting teams. Ideally, ISCM would look at a team size of 10 for the program. Fee structure for such In-House programs can be mutually decided.

For further details contact: yvonne@iscmindia.net

Cerified Demand Planning Professionals

Dilip D. Darbha

Asst. Manager

Arpit Raj

Demand Planner

Nikhil Lambat

Manager - SCM
Mahindra Vehicles

Rajiv Parekh

G.M - S&OP Lead
Ultra Tech

Anjali Karan

Data Scientist

Akanksha Jain

Deputy Manager
Ultra Tech

Radish Suvarna

Demand Planner

Tushit Nath Das

Fermenta Biotech

Amit Borye

Demand Planner

Sachin Navale

Deputy Manager
Mahindra Vehicles

Yunus Shaikh


Vijay Kumar M

Sr. Operations Analyst
Aetos G. Partners LLP

Preeti Grover

Sr. Manager

Manita Dhyani

Sr. Mgr - D. P
Terumo (India)

Utsav Kedia

Asst. Mgr – Data

Sanskriti Agarwal

Asst. Mgr – Planning

Sana Grover

Asst. Mgr – Sales

Darpan Khurana

Demand Planner

Puja Kapoor

Market Demand Planner
Continental (India)

Can Çavlı

Head of Demand Planning

Kunal Gupta

Director of Supply Chain