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About Demand Planning Academy

Demand Planning Academy from the Institute of Supply Chain & Management Pvt. Ltd, is a powerful, proven, way to advance the skills of your Demand Planning & Forecasting team.

One of the top imperatives for firms in Demand Planning & Forecasting is having the right talent to drive effective implementation of the forecast processes. A close second is improving the demand planning and forecasting function. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Firms find it challenging to strike the right balance between theory and practice.

DPA offers a set of four programs that will raise your team from basic to advanced skill levels. These programs integrate quantitative models, domain skills, and macroeconomic understanding needed to help forecasting professionals become versatile planning professionals.

With DPA’s customized Demand Planning and Forecasting, S&OP and IBP Training and deep knowledge base, it is easy to develop professionals and build the teams you need to succeed.


Create Competitive Advantage

DPA’s courses will help your team gain quantitative, functional, and business insights to drive competitive advantage in a highly volatile business environment.


Focused Curriculum

Curriculum that covers the body of knowledge from basic to expert levels in quantitative modelling, managing forecasts, S&OP and IBP


Designed by Professionals

Curriculum design incorporates industry feedback and interactions with over 50 senior demand planning professionals.


CDPFP – the Career Boost

A certification that will differentiate you from your peers and provide you the ability to navigate through both the technical and analytical aspects of the profession, boosting your career prospects


Leadership in IBP

Transition to a fully integrated business management and integrated strategy and financial planning process through IBP

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